my Website Here comes my RSS info 2018-05-25T22:31:28+01:00 FeedCreator 1.7.3 307 - A LATE 19TH CENTURY CAPE BASSWOOD WRITING DESK 2016-07-26T10:06:00+01:00 2016-07-26T10:06:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3404/307-a-late-19th-century-cape-basswood-writing-desk0.html the moulded top above four short drawers wit turned handles, standing on                 four turned baluster legs, (AF).                   76cm high, 150cm long, 100cm deep 121 - AN 18ct YELLOW GOLD CHAIN 2016-05-17T12:24:00+01:00 2016-05-17T12:24:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3386/121-an-18ct-yellow-gold-chain0.html with fancy links, no clasp, 81cm long, 18.5g. 245 - A WILLIAM IV ROSEWOOD GAMES TABLE 2016-05-17T12:20:00+01:00 2016-05-17T12:20:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3385/245-a-william-iv-rosewood-games-table0.html the reeded top rotating above a well, with a baize lined interior, frieze with                 simulated bamboo beading on a reeded and acanthus carved column on a                 serpentine beaded base, with bun feet, (AF).                   67cm high, 53cm long, 37cm deep 1 - A GEORGE V SILVER TEAPOT 2016-05-13T10:14:00+01:00 2016-05-13T10:14:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3384/1-a-george-v-silver-teapot0.html SHEFFIELD 1929, possibly W.W.H                 hinged top with removable fruitwood finial, square-form fruitwood handle,                   body embossed with flowers and swags, 584g, 14cm (height), (AF). 2 - A GEORGE VI SILVER PEDESTAL DISH 2016-05-13T10:13:00+01:00 2016-05-13T10:13:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3383/2-a-george-vi-silver-pedestal-dish0.html LONDON 1945, MAKERS MARKS INDECHIPERABLE                 applied border, plain well, standing on a circular pedestal base, 337g,                   4cm (high), 20cm (diameter). 3 - A 20TH CENTURY SILVER GRAVY BOAT 2016-05-13T10:11:00+01:00 2016-05-13T10:11:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3382/3-a-20th-century-silver-gravy-boat0.html SHEFFIELD 1958, E.V.                 serpentine rim, C-scroll form handle, standing on three applied spade                   feet, complete with under-plate, 218g, 6.5cm (high). 4 - AN EDWARDIAN SILVER SUGAR BOWL AND CREAMER 2016-05-13T10:10:00+01:00 2016-05-13T10:10:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3381/4-an-edwardian-silver-sugar-bowl-and-creamer0.html BIRMINGHAM 1908, J C                 fold-over rims, applied scroll handles, gadrooned bodies, on circular                   pedestals bases, 165g, 8cm (height of sugar bowl) 7cm (height of creamer), (2). 5 - A GEORGE VI SILVER TOAST RACK 2016-05-13T10:09:00+01:00 2016-05-13T10:09:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3380/5-a-george-vi-silver-toast-rack0.html SHEFFIELD 1938, MAPPIN WEBB                   of typical Art Deco design, 4.5cm (high), 12cm (across), 102g. 6 - A REGENCY SILVER CHRISTENING MUG 2016-05-13T10:08:00+01:00 2016-05-13T10:08:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3379/6-a-regency-silver-christening-mug0.html LONDON 1818, JOHN BRIDGE                 gilded interior, applied C-form handle, embossed with flowers, scrolls and                 swags, body engraved: “Helen Sophia Bullock”, on a raised circular base,                   7.5cm (high), 121g. 7 - A VICTORIAN SILVER MUSTARD POT 2016-05-13T10:07:00+01:00 2016-05-13T10:07:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3378/7-a-victorian-silver-mustard-pot0.html CHESTER 1898, G.N.                 hinged top with thistle form finial, applied C-form handle, reeded rims,                 the body cut-out with flowers and scrolls, on an oval reeded base, complete                   with Bristol blue glass liner and mustard spoon, 7.5cm (high), 89g. 8 - A REGENCY SILVER BASTING SPOON 2016-05-13T10:06:00+01:00 2016-05-13T10:06:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3377/8-a-regency-silver-basting-spoon0.html LONDON 1818, H.I.                   fiddle pattern, 30.5cm (long), 111g. 9 - A VICTORIAN SILVER BASTING SPOON 2016-05-13T10:05:00+01:00 2016-05-13T10:05:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3376/9-a-victorian-silver-basting-spoon0.html LONDON 1840, C.B.                   fiddle pattern, engraved initials “T.H”, 30.5cm (long), 122g. 10 - A COLLECTION OF THREE 19TH CENTURY RUSSIAN SILVER SPOONS 2016-05-13T09:54:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:54:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3375/10-a-collection-of-three-19th-century-russian-silver-spoons0.html DATED 1876, 1879 1896                   fiddle pattern, 22cm 22.5cm (long), 243g, (3). 11 - A .925 STERLING SILVER CIGARETTE BOX 2016-05-13T09:53:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:53:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3374/11-a-925-sterling-silver-cigarette-box0.html hinged top, interior cedar wood lined, standing on four ball-form feet,                   6.5cm (high), 20cm (long), 10cm (deep). 12 - A COLLECTION OF SIX SILVER TOP DRESSINGTABLE BOTTLES - 19TH/20TH CENTURY 2016-05-13T09:51:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:51:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3373/12-a-collection-of-six-silver-top-dressingtable-bottles-19th-20th-century0.html various dates, makers, shapes, patterns and sizes, 12cm (height of tallest),                   6cm (height of smallest), (6). 13 - A PAIR OF GEORGE III SUGAR CASTORS 2016-05-13T09:50:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:50:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3372/13-a-pair-of-george-iii-sugar-castors0.html LONDON 1800, CHARLES CHESTERMAN II                 removable pierced tops, urn shaped bodies, embossed with flowers, scrolls                 and swags, engraved with initials “P”, terminating on square form pedestal                   bases engraved with leaves, 16cm (high), 211g, (2). 14 - A PAIR OF STERLING SILVER THREE LIGHT CANDLELABRA 2016-05-13T09:48:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:48:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3371/14-a-pair-of-sterling-silver-three-light-candlelabra0.html BY FRANK M. WHITING CO.                 gadrooned wax pans, applied reeded scroll arms, standing on a circular                   reeded pedestal base, 16cm (high), 32cm (long), loaded, (2). 15 - A CONTINENTAL .925 STERLING SILVER SAUCE BOAT 2016-05-13T09:46:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:46:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3370/15-a-continental-925-sterling-silver-sauce-boat0.html BY TAPAZIO                 with applied floral and swag border, applied C-form handle, standing on                   an oval stepped base, complete with under-plate, 7.5cm (high), 213g. 16 - A PAIR OF FRENCH SILVER SUGAR TONGS 2016-05-13T09:45:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:45:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3369/16-a-pair-of-french-silver-sugar-tongs0.html BY PÉLIZZA BLAZI, 1913-1920                 tongs shaped in the form of hairy paws, handle prick-work engraved and                 with initials “D.G”, 14.5cm (long), 64g, together with another similar example, (2).     17 - A VICTORIAN SILVER SNUFF BOTTLE HOLDER 2016-05-13T09:44:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:44:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3368/17-a-victorian-silver-snuff-bottle-holder0.html LONDON 1896, possibly WILLIAM CRIPPS                 hinged top, the twin panels embossed with court scenes, the body                   opening to reveal a glass snuff bottle, 7cm (high), 43g. 18 - AN EDWARDIAN SILVER CIGARETTE CASE 2016-05-13T09:43:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:43:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3367/18-an-edwardian-silver-cigarette-case0.html BIRMINGHAM 1902, C S                 the panels pinprick engraved with patterns and flowers, one panel with                 empty cartouche, gilded interior, 8.5cm (high), 6cm (long), 73g.                 Together with a silver cigarette case – Sheffield 1927, Walker Hall,                 8cm (high), 6cm (long), 86g and a silver pill box – Sheffield 1923, J.R.,                   6.5cm (high), 4cm (long), 48g, (3). 19 - A LATE 19TH CENTURY SILVER & BONE HANDLED FISH SLICE 2016-05-13T09:40:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:40:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3366/19-a-late-19th-century-silver-bone-handled-fish-slice0.html engraved “W.I”, the slice engraved and embossed with foliage, scrolls and swags, 34cm (long).     20 - A GEORGE V SILVER LADIES MESH BAG 2016-05-13T09:38:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:38:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3365/20-a-george-v-silver-ladies-mesh-bag0.html BIRMINGHAM 1930, MAKERS MARKS INDECHIPERABLE                   with rope-chain sling-over handle, 265g. 21 - A SET OF SIX SILVER SPOONS 2016-05-13T09:37:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:37:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3364/21-a-set-of-six-silver-spoons0.html BIRMINGHAM 1956, S.L.                   with pointed handles, 10.5cm (long), 53g, (6). 22 - A PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER & MARBLE HANDLED BUTTER PATS 2016-05-13T09:36:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:36:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3363/22-a-pair-of-victorian-silver-marble-handled-butter-pats0.html SHEFFIELD 1852, T.L.                 blades engraved with swags and scrolls, green marble handles,                   in presentation case, 15.5cm (long), (2).