my Website Here comes my RSS info 2018-05-25T22:30:03+01:00 FeedCreator 1.7.3 62 - A PAIR OF 18TH CENTURY CHINESE EXPORT PLATES 2016-05-13T08:23:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:23:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3327/62-a-pair-of-18th-century-chinese-export-plates0.html Circa 1725, of lobed form, decorated with famille rose enamel over                 underglaze blue, the backs with a puce seal mark, within a double                   circle, some minor chips, 23cm (diameter). 170 - Charles Masser (20th Century) 2016-05-12T13:24:00+01:00 2016-05-12T13:24:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3229/170-charles-masser-20th-century0.html PATHWAY THROUGH TREES                 Oil on canvas                 Signed                   44 by 60cm 40 - A PAIR OF THREE BRANCH SILVERPLATE CANDELABRA 2016-02-29T08:04:00+01:00 2016-02-29T08:04:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3035/40-a-pair-of-three-branch-silverplate-candelabra0.html the central stem with an oval reeded wax pan, the stem in four segments                 terminating on an oval stepped base, flanked by twin branches, can be                 converted to candlesticks, 39cm (height), (2). 358 - A 19th/20th Century European School 2016-02-24T07:29:00+01:00 2016-02-24T07:29:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2746/358-a-19th-20th-century-european-school0.html SEATED LADY WITH A RED SCARF                 Oil on canvas                 77 by 98cm 455 - AN EDWARDIAN MAHOGANY SIDE TABLE 2015-10-26T09:01:00+01:00 2015-10-26T09:01:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2598/455-an-edwardian-mahogany-side-table0.html the top of serpentine form with a fan inlay, standing on rectangular splayed legs, joined by an X-stretcher, (AF). 70cm high, 52cm long 454 - AN EARLY 20TH CENTURY CHESNUT FOLDING KLISMOS ARMCHAIR 2015-10-26T09:02:00+01:00 2015-10-26T09:02:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2597/454-an-early-20th-century-chesnut-folding-klismos-armchair0.html the serpentine back-rail carved with floral motifs with conforming removable arms above an intricately slatted folding mechanism forming the seat and legs, on sled feet, (AF). 272 - Peter Clarke (1929-2014) 2015-10-27T09:03:00+01:00 2015-10-27T09:03:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2596/272-peter-clarke-1929-20140.html EMPTY BOTTLES Linocut printed in colours on paper Signed, dated 2006, titled and numbered 26/28 in pencil in the margin 7.5 by 6.5cm (plate size) 18 - AN ASSEMBELD SET OF GEORG JENSEN STERLING SILVER CUTLERY 2015-10-28T13:03:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:03:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2595/18-an-assembeld-set-of-georg-jensen-sterling-silver-cutlery0.html comprising of six dinner knives, six dinner forks, five dessert knives, five five dessert forks, six dessert spoons, six soup spoons and six sorbet spoons, knives with stainless steel blades, 1255g (weighable silver), (40). 14 - A GEORGE V SILVER FIVE PIECE CRUET SET BIRMINGHAM 1933, ELKINGTON & CO. LTD. 2015-10-28T13:15:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:15:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2594/14-a-george-v-silver-five-piece-cruet-set-birmingham-1933-elkington-co-ltd0.html comprising of two open salts, two pepperettes and a mustard pot with spoon, gadrooned rim, on lion mask paw feet, complete with Bristol blue glass liners, 456g, (5). 1 - A CONTINENTAL SILVER CIRCULAR TRAY 2015-10-28T13:30:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:30:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2593/1-a-continental-silver-circular-tray0.html reeded rim, plain vacant centre, 1250g, 39cm (diameter). 2 - A GEORGE V SILVER CREAMER AND SUGAR BASIN 2015-10-28T13:29:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:29:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2592/2-a-george-v-silver-creamer-and-sugar-basin0.html BIRMINGHAM 1919, C.B S gadroon and shell rim, stylized dragon handles, standing on four ball feet, 399g, 10 by 16cm (sugar basin), 10 by 14cm (creamer), (2). 3 - A VICTORIAN SILVER SALVER 2015-10-28T13:27:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:27:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2591/3-a-victorian-silver-salver0.html LONDON 1853, E.B. J.B. shell and scroll rim, centre engraved with flowers, foliage and scrollwork, standing on three applied scroll form feet, 485g, 24cm (diameter). 4 - A GEORGE VI SILVER CREAMER AND SUGAR BASIN 2015-10-28T13:26:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:26:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2590/4-a-george-vi-silver-creamer-and-sugar-basin0.html BIRMINGHAM 1941, COCKS BRETTRIDGE border embossed with floral decoration, scroll form handles, on raised circular pedestal bases, 384g, 8 by 13cm (creamer), 8 by 13.5cm (sugar basin), (2). 5 - A VICTORIAN SILVER BOWL 2015-10-28T13:25:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:25:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2589/5-a-victorian-silver-bowl0.html BIRMINGHAM 1894, L S wavy rim, cut-out border, standing on four applied feet, decorated with cut-out designs, 475g, 30 by 21cm. 6 - A PAIR OF 20TH CENTURY SILVER CANDLESTICKS 2015-10-28T13:24:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:24:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2588/6-a-pair-of-20th-century-silver-candlesticks0.html BIRMINGHAM 1968, B CO. reeded wax pans on segmented stem, terminating on a circular raised pedestal base, loaded, 30cm (height), (2). 7 - A PAIR OF GEORGE III SILVER BASTING SPOONS 2015-10-28T13:23:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:23:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2587/7-a-pair-of-george-iii-silver-basting-spoons0.html LONDON 1793, GEORGE SMITH WILLIAM FEARN Old English pattern, engraved with initials “A.M”, 216g, 31cm (length), (2). 8 - A GEORGE IV SILVER FISH SLICE 2015-10-28T13:22:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:22:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2586/8-a-george-iv-silver-fish-slice0.html LONDON 1827, CHARLES ELEY fiddle pattern, engraved with initials “J.J.C.”, with cut-out decoration, 145g, 29.5cm (length). 9 - A VICTORIAN SILVER CHAMBERSTICK 2015-10-28T13:21:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:21:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2585/9-a-victorian-silver-chamberstick0.html SHEFFIELD 1892, I T.S. handle engraved with an emblem, borders embossed with floral motifs, complete with snuffer, 220g, 15cm (diameter). 10 - A JAPANESE SILVER BOWL 2015-10-28T13:20:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:20:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2584/10-a-japanese-silver-bowl0.html embossed with foliage, on raised circular base, 197g, 6 by 12cm. 11 - A 19TH CENTURY SILVER BOWL 2015-10-28T13:19:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:19:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2583/11-a-19th-century-silver-bowl0.html fold-over rim, the border and well profusely embossed with foliageand the Zodiac animals, 261g, 22.5cm (diameter). Together with a smaller similar example, 246g, 20.5cm (diameter), (2). 12 - A DUTCH SILVER BOWL 2015-10-28T13:17:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:17:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2582/12-a-dutch-silver-bowl0.html with serpentine rim, cut-out and floral border, showing four vacant cartouches on each side, well embossed with putti in landscape, standingon an oval raised base, 178g, 22 by 16cm. 13 - THE DAVID LIVINGSTONE SILVER SALVER 2015-10-28T13:16:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:16:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2581/13-the-david-livingstone-silver-salver0.html embossed with image of David Livingstone, Victoria Waterfalls in the background, in presentation case, 443g, 26cm (diameter). 15 - A CONTINENTAL .800 STD SILVER BOWL 2015-10-28T13:14:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:14:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2580/15-a-continental-800-std-silver-bowl0.html of shell form, bearing an engraved emblem, gilded interior, on a raised pedestal base, 207g, 18 by 13cm. 16 - A CONTINENTAL SILVER TODDY LADLE 2015-10-28T13:10:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:10:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2579/16-a-continental-silver-toddy-ladle0.html inscribed “NEUS”, ebony handle with an ivory finial, gilded interior bowl, 40.5cm (length). 17 - A SET OF SIX CONTINENTAL .800 STD SILVER TEASPOONS 2015-10-28T13:07:00+01:00 2015-10-28T13:07:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/2578/17-a-set-of-six-continental-800-std-silver-teaspoons0.html inscribed “WILM”, embossed handles with engraved initials, 182g, (6).