my Website Here comes my RSS info 2018-04-20T08:47:33+01:00 FeedCreator 1.7.3 263 - A LATE 18TH/EARLY 19TH CENTURY CONTINENTAL OIL ON CANVAS 2014-11-25T12:13:00+01:00 2014-11-25T12:13:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1221/263-a-late-18th-early-19th-century-continental-oil-on-canvas0.html depicting a son at his father's death bed53 by 68cm 60- A 19TH CENTURY CHINESE CARVED BAMBOO BRUSH POT 2014-11-26T08:17:00+01:00 2014-11-26T08:17:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1220/60-a-19th-century-chinese-carved-bamboo-brush-pot0.html of triple cylindrical form, deeply carved with panels of Lotus and sage on rocks, 15cm (lenght). 1 - AN EDWARDIAN SILVER BISCUIT BARREL 2014-11-26T11:23:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:23:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1219/1-an-edwardian-silver-biscuit-barrel0.html LONDON 1909, DANIEL JOHN WELLBYlid with removable floral form finial and gadrooned rim, body with applied vine and leaf form handles, standing on four applied scroll feet, 20cm (height), 645g. 2 - A VICTORIAN FOUR PIECE SILVER TEA AND COFFEE SET 2014-11-26T11:22:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:22:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1218/2-a-victorian-four-piece-silver-tea-and-coffee-set0.html LONDON 1836 1875, C.G.comprising of a coffee pot, teapot, sugar basin and creamer.Coffee Pot: hinged lid with removable floral form finial, C-form handle,segmented body, standing on four applied scroll and beaded feet, 23.5cm (height). All four pieces are engraved with initials “A.H.B”, 2275g, distressed, (4). 3 - A CONTINENTAL .833 STD SILVER ROUND TRAY 2014-11-26T11:21:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:21:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1217/3-a-continental-833-std-silver-round-tray0.html border profusely embossed with shells, swags and scrolls, plain clear well, 49.5cm (diameter), 915g. 4 - A GEORGE V SILVER SUGAR BOWL AND CREAMER 2014-11-26T11:19:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:19:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1216/4-a-george-v-silver-sugar-bowl-and-creamer0.html BIRMINGHAM 1931, G G CO.bulbous bodies, C-form handles, with engraved initial “H”, on circular raised bases, 8cm (height), 264g, (2). 5 - A CONTINENTAL .800 STD SILVER OVAL BOWL 2014-11-26T11:18:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:18:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1215/5-a-continental-800-std-silver-oval-bowl0.html rim decorated with applied floral and ribbon border, handles with caryatid mask, gadrooned body, standing on applied ribbon, floral and shell form base, 48 by 22cm, 800g. 6 - A VICTORIAN SILVER THREE PIECE CRUET SET 2014-11-26T11:17:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:17:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1214/6-a-victorian-silver-three-piece-cruet-set0.html BIRMINGHAM 1890, HILLIARD THOMASONcomprising of two open salts, a mustard pot, two salt spoons and onemustard spoon, bodies engraved with foliage, standing on three appliedlion paw feet, 6.5cm (height of mustard pot), 3.5cm (height of open salts), 210g (total weight), (6). 7 - A PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER SPOONS 2014-11-26T11:16:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:16:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1213/7-a-pair-of-victorian-silver-spoons0.html SHEFFIELD 1890, HOWARD HAWKESWORTH pierced handle and bowl, bowls bearing engravings, 22cm (length), 128g. 8 - A PAIR OF CONTINENTAL .800 STD SILVER SCISSORS 2014-11-26T11:15:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:15:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1212/8-a-pair-of-continental-800-std-silver-scissors0.html in the form of a stork, the belly of the stork bearing a new born baby, stork standing on a tortoise, 11.5cm (height), 54g. 9 - A 19TH CENTURY RUSSIAN SILVER CHALICE 2014-11-26T11:14:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:14:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1211/9-a-19th-century-russian-silver-chalice0.html DATED 1869, MAKER: B.C.cup engraved with foliage and patterns, 12cm (height), 90g. 10 - AN EDWARDIAN SILVER HAVDALAH 2014-11-26T11:12:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:12:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1210/10-an-edwardian-silver-havdalah0.html LONDON 1909, R Tdecorated with applied eagles and bells, 23cm (height), 112g. 11 - AN EDWARDIAN SILVER KIDDISH CUP 2014-11-26T11:10:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:10:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1209/11-an-edwardian-silver-kiddish-cup0.html LONDON 1901, S Hengraved with foliage, on a circular pedestal base, 12cm (height), 66g. 12 - A LARGE SILVERPLATE OVAL TWIN-HANDLED TRAY 2014-11-26T11:09:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:09:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1208/12-a-large-silverplate-oval-twin-handled-tray0.html gadrooned rim, centre profusely engraved with patterns, bearing a largevacant cartouche, standing on four applied scroll feet, 81 by 54cm (across handles). 13 - A SET OF TWELVE STERLING SILVER SPOONS 2014-11-26T11:08:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:08:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1207/13-a-set-of-twelve-sterling-silver-spoons0.html THE TICHBORNE CELEBRITIESin presentation case, 274g, (12). 14 - TWO INDIAN COPPER AND SILVER INLAID TRAYS 2014-11-26T11:07:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:07:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1206/14-two-indian-copper-and-silver-inlaid-trays0.html profusely inlaid with Hindu writing, foliage and patterns, 32cm 27cm (diameter), (2). 15 - A COLLECTION OF FIVE SILVER MINIATURE CHAIRS 2014-11-26T11:06:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:06:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1205/15-a-collection-of-five-silver-miniature-chairs0.html various dates and makers, 54g (total weight), (5). 16 - A COLLECTION OF SEVEN SILVER MINIATURES 2014-11-26T11:05:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:05:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1204/16-a-collection-of-seven-silver-miniatures0.html various dates and makers, comprising of a windmill, scooter, two horsesand carts, skier, tam-pan and a figure of a child with a hoop, 86g (total weight), (7). 17 - A SILVERPLATE MEAT DOME 2014-11-26T11:04:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:04:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1203/17-a-silverplate-meat-dome0.html with removable embossed handle, dome decorated with applied embossed border, 34cm (diameter). 18 - A SILVERPLATE MEAT DOME 2014-11-26T11:03:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:03:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1202/18-a-silverplate-meat-dome0.html with removable embossed handle, dome decorated with applied gadrooned border, 35cm (diameter). 19 - AN EDWARDIAN SILVER CREAMER AND SUGAR BASIN 2014-11-26T11:01:00+01:00 2014-11-26T11:01:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1201/19-an-edwardian-silver-creamer-and-sugar-basin0.html LONDON 1900, J.H.Rdecorated with applied border, standing on three pad feet, 11cm (height-creamer), 8.5cm (height- sugar basin), 374g (total weight), (2). 20 - AN EDWARDIAN SILVER CHEROOT CASE 2014-11-26T10:56:00+01:00 2014-11-26T10:56:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1200/20-an-edwardian-silver-cheroot-case0.html BIRMINGHAM 1902, S Bprofusely engraved with scrolls and swags, centre engraved with initials “H.R.”, gilded interior, 13 by 7cm, 160g. 21 - A GEORGE VI SILVER SALVER 2014-11-26T10:55:00+01:00 2014-11-26T10:55:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1199/21-a-george-vi-silver-salver0.html BIRMINGHAM 1946, S LTD.serpentine rim, standing on three scroll feet, 29cm (diameter), 790g. 22 - A VICTORIAN SILVER CIRCULAR HOLDER 2014-11-26T10:50:00+01:00 2014-11-26T10:50:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1198/22-a-victorian-silver-circular-holder0.html LONDON 1882, WILLIAM CRIPPSremovable lid, with gadrooned rim, lid and body profusely embossedand engraved with court scenes, foliage, birds, scrolls and swags, 7 by 8cm, 164g. 23 - A SILVERPLATE GALLERY TRAY 2014-11-26T10:49:00+01:00 2014-11-26T10:49:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/1197/23-a-silverplate-gallery-tray0.html of oval form, on four ball feet, 40 by 31cm.