my Website Here comes my RSS info 2018-02-24T09:37:48+01:00 FeedCreator 1.7.3 121 - AN 18ct YELLOW GOLD CHAIN 2016-05-17T12:24:00+01:00 2016-05-17T12:24:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3386/121-an-18ct-yellow-gold-chain0.html with fancy links, no clasp, 81cm long, 18.5g. 115 - A 22ct YELLOW GOLD AND ENAMEL BANGLE 2016-05-12T15:09:00+01:00 2016-05-12T15:09:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3278/115-a-22ct-yellow-gold-and-enamel-bangle0.html two floral forms set with miners cut diamonds, tongue clasp, one diamond missing, 58g.     116 - AN 18ct YELLOW AND WHITE GOLD DIAMOND BROOCH 2016-05-12T15:07:00+01:00 2016-05-12T15:07:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3277/116-an-18ct-yellow-and-white-gold-diamond-brooch0.html scroll form with three round brilliant cut diamonds, claw set on white                   gold bars, diamonds of approximately 0.25cts. 8.4g. 117 - A VICTORIAN 15ct YELLOW GOLD AND DIAMOND BROOCH 2016-05-12T15:06:00+01:00 2016-05-12T15:06:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3276/117-a-victorian-15ct-yellow-gold-and-diamond-brooch0.html three rosecut diamonds claw set on a vertical base flanked by scroll and                   leaf forms, diamonds of approximately 0.10ct, 5.8g. 118 - A 14ct YELLOW GOLD AND JADEITE RING 2016-05-12T15:05:00+01:00 2016-05-12T15:05:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3275/118-a-14ct-yellow-gold-and-jadeite-ring0.html circular jadeite claw set in round frame ending on a solid shank, 6.6g. 119 - A 9ct YELLOW GOLD NECKLACE 2016-05-12T15:03:00+01:00 2016-05-12T15:03:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3274/119-a-9ct-yellow-gold-necklace0.html graduated segments, matt finish with clasp, 13.4g. 120 - A JADE AND SILVER BANGLE 2016-05-12T15:01:00+01:00 2016-05-12T15:01:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3273/120-a-jade-and-silver-bangle0.html hinged with tongue clasp. 122 - AN 18ct YELLOW GOLD, FORTIS LADIES WRISTWATCH 2016-05-12T14:59:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:59:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3271/122-an-18ct-yellow-gold-fortis-ladies-wristwatch0.html oval red enamel dial, Roman numerals, mesh bracelet with fold-over clasp, 63g. 123 - A JADEITE NECKLACE 2016-05-12T14:58:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:58:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3270/123-a-jadeite-necklace0.html consisting of sixty-one beads of 9.3mm each, 76cm long.       124 - AN 18ct WHITE GOLD, GREEN STONE AND DIAMOND RING 2016-05-12T14:57:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:57:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3269/124-an-18ct-white-gold-green-stone-and-diamond-ring0.html centre oval green stone claw set with five mill-grain set miners cut diamonds                   on each side, 5.2g. 125 - AN 18ct WHITE GOLD, DIAMOND AND JADE RING 2016-05-12T14:55:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:55:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3268/125-an-18ct-white-gold-diamond-and-jade-ring0.html two semi-circles of jade with centre baguette and round brilliant cut                 diamond band, with diamond studded ends, diamonds of approximately 0.60ct, 11.2g.        126 - A PAIR OF 18ct YELLOW GOLD, SILVER, JADE AND DIAMOND EARRINGS 2016-05-12T14:54:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:54:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3267/126-a-pair-of-18ct-yellow-gold-silver-jade-and-diamond-earrings0.html claw set teardrop-form jade in a diamond studded scroll frame. 127 - A 9ct YELLOW GOLD AND GARNET SOUTHERN CROSS-PENDANT 2016-05-12T14:52:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:52:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3266/127-a-9ct-yellow-gold-and-garnet-southern-cross-pendant0.html with chain. 128 - A 9ct YELLOW GOLD AND CAMEO BROOCH 2016-05-12T14:51:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:51:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3265/128-a-9ct-yellow-gold-and-cameo-brooch0.html set in rope and scroll frame, 3.8 by 3cm. 129 - A 9ct WHITE GOLD AND DIAMOND RING 2016-05-12T14:50:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:50:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3264/129-a-9ct-white-gold-and-diamond-ring0.html centre princess cut diamond set in square tube, flanked by one square                   tube set diamonds on each side, diamonds of approximately 0.80ct, 4.7g. 130 - A 14ct WHITE GOLD AND DIAMOND PENDANT 2016-05-12T14:48:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:48:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3263/130-a-14ct-white-gold-and-diamond-pendant0.html heart shaped with mill-grain and claw set diamonds on a 14ct white gold chain, 3.9g.                131 - A PLATINUM AND WHITE SAPPHIRE RING 2016-05-12T14:47:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:47:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3262/131-a-platinum-and-white-sapphire-ring0.html tension set white sapphire in stepped band ending in a solid shank, 16g. 132 - A PLATINUM AND DIAMOND RING 2016-05-12T14:46:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:46:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3261/132-a-platinum-and-diamond-ring0.html round brilliant cut claw set diamond with solid shank, diamond of                   approximately 0.70ct, Clarity VS2, colour J, 6.3g. 133 - AN 18ct YELLOW AND WHITE GOLD, DIAMOND, SAPPHIRE AND PEARL BROOCH 2016-05-12T14:45:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:45:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3260/133-an-18ct-yellow-and-white-gold-diamond-sapphire-and-pearl-brooch0.html sapphire channel set, diamonds claw set in vertical and scroll form bars,                   with a pearl drop, 3.1 by 3.8cm 134 - A PAIR OF 18ct YELLOW GOLD AND PLATINUM CUFFLINKS 2016-05-12T14:38:00+01:00 2016-05-12T14:38:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3259/134-a-pair-of-18ct-yellow-gold-and-platinum-cufflinks0.html of square form with interspaced chain, 8.3g.