my Website Here comes my RSS info 2018-02-24T09:37:05+01:00 FeedCreator 1.7.3 26 - A TWELVE PLACE SILVERPLATE FISH SET 2016-05-13T09:26:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:26:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3358/26-a-twelve-place-silverplate-fish-set0.html comprising 12 knives, 12 forks and a pair of servers, reeded handles with                   embossed swags and scrolls, blades prick work engraved, (26). 28 - A PAIR OF SILVERPLATE THREE LIGHT CANDELABRA 2016-05-13T09:22:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:22:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3356/28-a-pair-of-silverplate-three-light-candelabra0.html embossed removable wax pans, the central stem embossed and terminating                 on a square pedestal base, can be converted to a pair of candlesticks with                   removable wax pans, 60cm (high), (2). 36 - AN EARLY 18TH CENTURY CHINESE IMARI LIGHTHOUSE-FORM SIDE-HANDLED CHOCOLATE POT 2016-05-13T09:09:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:09:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3353/36-an-early-18th-century-chinese-imari-lighthouse-form-side-handled-chocolate-pot0.html decorated in underglaze blue, iron-red and gilt with a fenced garden                 scene, matching cover en-suite, circa 1730, cover shows restoration), 25cm (height).     37 - A CHINESE KANGXI PERIOD SAUCER DISH 2016-05-13T09:08:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:08:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3352/37-a-chinese-kangxi-period-saucer-dish0.html decorated in a vivid tone of underglaze blue with two phoenix perched                 on rocks, surrounded by flowering plants, the reverse bearing the six-                 character mark, of Tíen Chí, possibly circa 1690, the face of the dish showing                   glaze faults and restoration, 33cm (diameter). 38 - TWO 18TH CENTURY TEA POY OF QIANLONG PERIOD 2016-05-13T09:06:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:06:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3351/38-two-18th-century-tea-poy-of-qianlong-period0.html The first being of square arched-form, decorated in underglaze blue                 with pagoda and river scene, circa 1780, minor glaze crack to the collar.                 The other a soft paste tea poy of similar form, decorated in underglaze                 blue with a mandarin at leisure seated in a pagoda, circa 1760, 11.5cm (height of both), (2).     39 - AN 18TH CENTURY CHINESE SOUP TUREEN 2016-05-13T09:05:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:05:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3350/39-an-18th-century-chinese-soup-tureen0.html decorated in underglaze blue depicting a river and pagoda scenes,                   with a matched cover, base showing a minor crack, 32cm (across handles). 40 - A COLLECTION OF FOUR CHINESE BLUE & WHITE PLATES 2016-05-13T09:03:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:03:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3349/40-a-collection-of-four-chinese-blue-white-plates0.html QIANLONG PERIOD                 the three larger plates decorated in underglaze flowers, to include a                 smaller 17th century Provincial dish, shows restorations, 22cm (diameter of                   the three large plates), 14cm (provincial dish), (4). 41 - A MATCHED PAIR OF EARLY 19TH CENTURY CHINESE PROVINCIAL GINGER JARS 2016-05-13T09:01:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:01:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3348/41-a-matched-pair-of-early-19th-century-chinese-provincial-ginger-jars0.html decorated in underglaze blue, covers matched, shows restoration and                   chips to covers, 17cm (height). 42 - A 19TH CENTURY PROVINCIAL TEAPOT 2016-05-13T09:00:00+01:00 2016-05-13T09:00:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3347/42-a-19th-century-provincial-teapot0.html decorated in under-glazed blue depicting precious objects, the cover                   restored, glaze cracks to the teapot, 20cm (height). 43 - A FINE LATE 19TH CENTURY CHINESE IVORY CARVING OF A MUSSEL SHELL 2016-05-13T08:58:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:58:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3346/43-a-fine-late-19th-century-chinese-ivory-carving-of-a-mussel-shell0.html containing a delicately carved scene of figures and trees, the exterior                   decorated with a fish and a butterfly, on a carved wood stand, 11cm (across). 44 - A 19TH CENTURY HARDWOOD FIGURE OF A SAGE 2016-05-13T08:57:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:57:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3345/44-a-19th-century-hardwood-figure-of-a-sage0.html holding a Peach of Immortality in his right hand and a staff in his left hand,                 a pelican leaning against the staff, the robe inlaid with silver wire scrolls, 53cm (height).     45 - A SOUTH EAST ASIAN COPPER FIGURE OF A PRIEST 2016-05-13T08:56:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:56:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3344/45-a-south-east-asian-copper-figure-of-a-priest0.html possibly 19th century or earlier, the dress elaborately decorated, standing                   on a domed lotus pod, 34cm (height). 46 - A 19TH CENTURY COPPER-BRONZE FIGURE OF A SEATED DEITY 2016-05-13T08:53:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:53:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3343/46-a-19th-century-copper-bronze-figure-of-a-seated-deity0.html possibly Indian, the graceful deity superbly cast, seated in Ialitasana with                 her right leg pendant and four arms radiating, the key pair of hands held                 in varada mudra ad avakasha mudra supporting a bowl, the raised upper                 arms each holding an object, the elaborate hair-dress under an intricate                 crown, seated on a lotus pod on a square base, 16.5cm (height). 47 - A FINELY CARVED AND PIERCED 19TH CENTURY CHINESE HORN CARVING 2016-05-13T08:52:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:52:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3342/47-a-finely-carved-and-pierced-19th-century-chinese-horn-carving0.html the body carved with birds on branches amidst foliage, the horn honey-toned,                   standing on a carved hardwood base, 33cm (height including the base). 48 - A 19TH CENTURY CHINESE SILVER AND ENAMEL LADIES POWDER COMPACT 2016-05-13T08:51:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:51:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3341/48-a-19th-century-chinese-silver-and-enamel-ladies-powder-compact0.html the lid gilt and decorated with turquoise enamels, the interior fitted with                 three compartments and a mirror, the base showing Chinese hallmarks,                   some enamel loss, 9cm (diameter). 50 - A FINE AND RARE COLOURED MAP OF EDO (RE-NAMED TOYKO) 2016-05-13T08:49:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:49:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3339/50-a-fine-and-rare-coloured-map-of-edo-re-named-toyko0.html possibly first half of the 19th Century, detailing the gardens and city area                   around the Imperial Palace, in superb condition, 89 by 76cm. 51 - A FINE LARGE CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE VASE 2016-05-13T08:48:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:48:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3338/51-a-fine-large-chinese-famille-rose-vase0.html decorated with panels of “precious objects” in high relief, enclosed in gold                 ground borders, painted with flowers, Daoguang Period, circa 1830,                   minor chip to the rim, 58cm (height). 52 - A CHINESE FAMILLE NOIR VASE 2016-05-13T08:46:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:46:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3337/52-a-chinese-famille-noir-vase0.html decorated with flowering branches and green rockwork against a black                 ground with two mask and ring handles to the sides, Apocryphal Six                 Character Kangxi mark to base, mid-19th Century, perfect condition,   42cm (height). 53 - A PAIR OF CHINESE FAMILLE VERTÉ OCTAGONAL JARS AND COVERS 2016-05-13T08:36:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:36:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3336/53-a-pair-of-chinese-famille-verte-octagonal-jars-and-covers0.html finely decorated with scenes of court ladies in a walled garden between                 formal borders, the covers decorated en-suite, both bases bearing a six                 character mark of Yongzheng but first half of the 19th Century, one cover                   matched, perfect condition, 35cm (height), (2). 54 - A CHINESE EXPORT FAMILLE ROSE COVERED ECEUIL VASE, QIANLONG PERIOD 2016-05-13T08:35:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:35:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3335/54-a-chinese-export-famille-rose-covered-eceuil-vase-qianlong-period0.html eceuil of circular form with shell moulded handles, decorated with                 bouquets of flowers and a gilded knop, Circa 1770, good condition,                   11cm (height), 19cm (across handles). 55 - A PAIR OF FINE LARGE CHINESE 19TH CENTURY BLANC-DE-CHINE FIGURES OF HO-HO BIRDS 2016-05-13T08:33:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:33:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3334/55-a-pair-of-fine-large-chinese-19th-century-blanc-de-chine-figures-of-ho-ho-birds0.html standing on pierced rockwork bases, the feathers finely detailed, one claw                                             restored, 58cm (height), (2). 56 - A 20TH CENTURY CHINESE FAMILLE VERTÉ GINGER JAR 2016-05-13T08:32:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:32:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3333/56-a-20th-century-chinese-famille-verte-ginger-jar0.html with crackle glaze, with panels depicting kylins against iron-red borders, 19cm (height).     57 - A 19TH CENTURY CHINESE CELADON-GLAZED VASE 2016-05-13T08:31:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:31:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3332/57-a-19th-century-chinese-celadon-glazed-vase0.html carved with lotus flowers amidst scroll work, the base with stiff leave                   decoration, showing a seal mark to the base, 22cm (height). 58 - A NEAR PAIR OF DECORATIVE BLUE AND WHITE DISHES IN THE CHINESE KRAAK STYLE 2016-05-13T08:29:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:29:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3331/58-a-near-pair-of-decorative-blue-and-white-dishes-in-the-chinese-kraak-style0.html modern, depicting figures of ladies and flowers in panels, with similar                   decoration to the back, 31.5cm (diameter). 59 - A FINELY CARVED MID-19TH CENTURY SANDALWOOD INDIAN CASKET 2016-05-13T08:28:00+01:00 2016-05-13T08:28:00+01:00 /component/auctionfactory/viewbids/3330/59-a-finely-carved-mid-19th-century-sandalwood-indian-casket0.html decorated with mythical figures to the lid surrounded by intricate scrollwork,                   22cm (height), 16cm (length).